Who am I?

Hi! I am Shizu/Susanna. I currently am a student, studying under the Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Accounting in the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. I am based in Singapore for my studies, even though my university is actually based in Australia. 

I am a blogger; an amateur photographer; a graphics-maker; a noob singer.

I blog about my life; animanga; seiyuu; English television; beauty; photography.

I run an anime blog in tumblr
I tweet in twitter
I make graphic edits/photography in my edits tumblr and icon community
I sing at soundcloud
Suwabe Junichi

I'm the only handler to my life.

To be honest, I don't like to be scolding anyone through the internet. I ramble a lot, yes. However, please do not mix up my quotes with me scolding anyone. And lemme say this, I will get mad if you ever think that I target my quotes towards you. It was really more of a fact and a reminder to myself that I control my own life. I do not want others to try to intrude my space in order to manipulate me.

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Sales: Cosplay, figurines, misc

Hi, I'm selling off my items that I have no use for. 
Open to Singapore/International buyers (International buyers, please email me about it)
All prices are in SGD, please do conversion by yourself.
All emails/comments will be replied within 48 hours. 
Prices are negotiable. (but please be considerate that I've spent a pretty penny on all these)

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